konkurs-gena-dimitrova-poster-6-2-2019-enI. General terms

  1. The National competition with international participation for young opera singers “Gena Dimitrova” is organized by Pleven Philharmonic with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Pleven Municipality. The status of the competition (and the ensuing general terms, competition rules and application procedure, prizes, organizing committee) is established by Gena Dimitrova in cooperation with Maestro Georgi Notev  – chief conductor of Pleven Philharmonic.
  2. The competition will be held in “Emil Dimitrov” hall of “Saglasie” Community centre from 19th to 23rd May, 2019.
  3. The Pleven Philharmonic director affirms in an order the organizing committee to be in charge of the competition organization and promotion.


II. Competition rules and application procedure

  1. Young opera singers of all nationalities at the age of 18 and not older than 32 for women and 35 for men are eligible to take part in the competition.
  2. The auditions are conducted according to the kinds of voices and by drawing lots on the day before the competition start.
  3. Participants who fail to follow the specified procedure will be disqualified.
  4. No changes in the repertoire list attached to the application form are allowed.
  5. Application documents:
    А) Application form (download here),
    B) Birth certificate copy,
    C) A recent photo of the participant,
    D) A copy of the bank transfer (fee payment receipt) to the Pleven Philharmonic bank account:
    -for participation – 50 BGN.
    -for an accompanist provided by the Competition – 20 BGN for a rehearsal, 25 BGN for a competition performance.
  1. Application fees are not refunded.
  2. Application deadline: 2nd May


ІІІ. Competition programme

  1. The competition is conducted within two rounds:
    А) 1st round  – the applicants perform an aria and cabaletta of their choice and a song by a Bulgarian composer.
    Б) 2nd round  – the applicants perform an aria by Mozart and an aria of their choice but different from those performed at the 1st round.
    *All arias (both lyrics and music) are performed in original .
  1. The participants have to provide their own piano accompanist for both rounds. The Competition can provide accompanists for a fee paid by the participant if that is prespecified in the application form.


IV. Jury and prizes

  1. The Jury is nominated by the Competition organizing committee.
  2. The Jury, composed of renowned musicians, assigns the following prizes:
    -For women – three prizes (3000 BGN, 2000 BGN, 1000 BGN)
    -For men– three prizes (3000 BGN, 2000 BGN, 1000 BGN)
    -For best performance of a Bulgarian song – a prize with a value of  600 BGN.
  1. The Jury has the right not to assign a prize.
  2. Jury’s decisions are final.
  3. The first prize winners are also awarded a bronze statuette, specially made for the Competition and are provided with the opportunity to participate in Sofia Philharmonic concert.
  4. The prize winners, chosen by the Jury, will perform at the final concert of the Pleven Philharmonic on 23rd
  5. “Gena Dimitrova” Foundation has the right to give a special award to a candidate who excelled during the Competition but was not assigned a prize.



IBAN: BG18UBBS80023106160900
Purpose: competition for young opera singers – 19-23.05.2019



The Application form is to be send no later than May the 2nd 2019 to:  or handed in the Pleven Philharmonic
5800 Pleven, ул. “Vasil Levsky” 155
Post Box 233, phone number. 064/82 26 92, fax: 064/82 38 86